206 Devic

206 Devic

Devic Communication
Guidelines for Healers
Balancing Etheric Energy
Personalities with Three Monads
Personalities with One Monad
Selves Contacting Master Thought Forms
Male Self’s Growth into Altruism
Healing Aspects of Male Self
Flax Seed Oil for Skin
Relieving Eye Fluid Pressure
Estrogen & Progesterone
Overcoming Our “Monkey Mind”
Astrology: Soul & Personality
Merging Judge Selves & Chakra Effects
Be Aware of In-Breath
Article: Possible East Coast Tsunami
Mental Expansion Experiences
Lucid Dreaming & Out-of-Body Trips
Seth & Core Beliefs
Aging Based on Core Beliefs
Spontaneous Human Combustion
Ley Line Experience at Loch Gur

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