208 Predictions: 2001 and Beyond

208 Predictions: 2001 and Beyond

Predictions: 2001 and Beyond
A Way of Giving Healing to Oneself
Selves Sabotage Diet Plan
Spirit Teacher for Body Self
Being and Consciousness
Reality: Expression of Life Essence
Befriending Judge Selves
Economic Boost Politically Motivated
Imbalances in Body Meridians
Cleansing Physical and Astral Bodies
Third Eye Activation by Basic Selves
Process of Embodying Divinity
Communicating with Higher Beings
Dealing with Energetic Insertions
Helping Husband Clarify Purpose
Monitor Group Rotates Assignments
Silver and Amber Necklace and Sun
John of God as Disciple of Yeshua
Repetition of Glamour-Clearing
Wisdom and High Self Connection
Myth of Poseidon from Atlantis
Implications of “Soul Marriage

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