216 General Questions 21

216 General Questions 21 & Tools

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General Questions 21
Astral Disruption of Maldek
Solar Logos Moved Maldekians to Earth
Selves Expressing Soul
Free Will in Personality Aspects
Soul Purpose of Service to Others
Body Self Affected by Soul Contact
Numerology: Seven Life Lesson
Biofeedback for Migraine Headaches
Improving Access to High Self
Origins of Three Souls
Manifesting an Educational Center
Healing through High Self Linkage
Mental Judge Blocks Reception
Persons & Kingdoms of Life
Encourage Service through Prayer
Clarify Daily Accomplishments
Power Outages Likely
Throat Swelling Shut
Abdominal Exercise for Dropped Bladder
Improved Bone Density
Selves Express Soul Qualities
Astral Theater of Possibilities
When Monkey Mind Becomes Still
Healthcare System Changes
Problems with Gums, Teeth, and Skin
Sleep Disorder from Pancreas & Spleen
Importance of Daily Prayer for Others
Prayer as Soul Manifestation

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