219 Healing Strategies

219 Healing Strategies

Healing Strategies
Socialization of Mental Judge Self
Soul & Monad Bring Enlightenment
Fibromyalgia: Causes & Treatment
Macular Degeneration & Unresolved Fears
Building Etheric Energy Supply
Procedure for Cleansing Equipment
Procedure for Kinesiology Testing
Harmonizing Altruistic Intentions
True Spiritual Masters
Service: Achieving Harmony through Conflict
Sleeplessness & World Events
Support Reform Initiatives
Clearing Selfish Intentions
High Self Characteristics
Accept Gift of Life in the Moment
Cysts: Return of Selfish Intentions
Numbers of Reform Efforts
Growth of Shadow Government
Financiers Clash with Anti-Christ
Need for Humane Care of Afghan People
Karmic Challenge of Reform

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