222 General Questions 24

222 General Questions 24 & Tools

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General Questions 24
Grieving of Judge Selves
Astral Judge Self’s Role in Maldek
Collaboration for Expression of Soul
Astral Judge Selves Help Others
Mental Judge Self Helps Relieve Fears
Disruption of Maldek & Maldekians
Maldekian Matter Held in Stasis
Disorganization & JUdge Selves
Mental Judge Confuses Outer Self
High Self & Mental Judge Self
War in Astral Plane & Physical War
The Koran & Sufism
Monitor as a Mentor
Taliban Prisoners & “War on Terrorism”
CIA & Drug Trafficking
Honoring Freedom of View
Teachings of Orin & DaBen
Claims of James Twyman
Use Times of Quiet for World Prayer
Solar Plexus Chakra Development
Recuperation from Kundalini Flare
Osama bin Laden & Mullah Omar
Harmonic Convergence in May

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