225 Reform Tactics

225 Reform Tactics

Reform Tactics
Important Prayers for the World
Continuous Training Process
Female Self’s Discernment of Others
Body Self Isolates from Other Selves
Help Selves Express Soul
Swear Words from Mental Judge
Manifestation of Soul and Monad
Prayer, Meditation and Guidance
Breathing of Our Various Bodies
Ask High Self If Prayer Is Appropriate
Yeshua as Dream Symbol
Body Reacts to Chakra Infusion
Rest, Sunlight Attunement & Prayer
Energetic Event at Council Grove
Dissociation & Purity of Intention
Regaining Childhood Memories
Improving Cervical Vertebrae
Chelation of Heavy Metals from Body
Improving Marital Communication
Help Astral Judge Identify Fears
Protocol for Access to Akashic Records
Be Aware of Soul Presence in World
Help Male Self Achieve Forgiveness
Open Blood Circulation in Brain
Some Advice for Scientists
Jacob’s Ladder of Nested Beings
Correlation of Heart Signals & Attunement
Sensing Harmony in Our Heart

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