229 Building Allies for Reform

229 Building Allies for Reform

Building Allies for Reform
Developmental Steps
Introduction of Spirit Teachers
Reiki Symbols and Teachings
Daily Prayer for Resolution of Fear
Tibetan Potala: Past Life Reaction
Lhasa: Incident in the Marketplace
Blessing of a Master at Jokhang Temple
Tibetan Prayer Flags
Dream: Resolving Past Life Fear
Flying Tiger Airstrip Emotions
Earthbound People in Great Wall of China
Xian: Terra Cotta Warriors
Senator John McCain
Light Work in Travels
Glamour-Clearing as Habit Change
Body Elementals Can Feel Lost
Bone Problems and Beliefs
Collagen Deficiency and Understanding
Bone Joints and Existential Emotions
Shaking of Physical Body
Continuity of Consciousness
Introducing A Spirit Teacher to Selves
”Signs,” the Movie and Projected Fears
Botanical Versus Pharmaceutical Drugs
Daily Prayer for Grace in the World

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