275 Group Transformation

275 Group Transformation

Group Transformation
Helping the Astral Judge Self
Expanding Your Perception
Breath Healing of Headache
Biorhythm Factor of Sun
Etheric Hearing of Signals
Mystical Sounds and Language
Intel Chip in Macintosh Computers
Definition of Grace
Possible Attacks on U.S. Cities
Destruction of Shadow Government
Possible Military Coup in the U.S.
Beliefs Affect Blood
Deep Cleansing of Bodies
Cleansing Glamours and Illusions
Dweller on the Threshold
Disidentifying from Form
Kundalini and Spiritual Growth
Mental Body Description
Criticism as Empowerment
Remain in the Witness Mode
Possible Significant Events
Clearing the Illusion of Separation
We Are Never Alone
Continue Prayers for Grace

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