Explore! Newsletter #313
Awakening to Origins
September, 2009
313 Awakening to Origins

313 Awakening to Origins

Awakening to Origins

Bank Holiday Deferred

Early View of U.S. Economy in 2009

Survival Preparation

Introduction of a Spirit Teacher

Clearing Dysfunctional Beliefs

Economic Possibilities

Exploring the Value of Dreams

Star of David and Inner Dynamics

Processing of the Limbic Brain

Brian Weiss’s Concepts

Etheric Portal Processes

Etheric Effects on the Body Self

Etheric Effects on the Outer Self

Sufi Practice of Breathing

Etheric Energy and Bipolar Disorder

Helping Children with Bonding

Physical and Etheric Bodies

Swine Flu Vaccinations

Balancing Metals Affecting the Heart

Development of Sensitivity

Opening Psychic Awareness

Cultivating the Presence of Love

... As we explore the topic of origins, we

encourage you to open your intuitive channels. At present, human understanding has limits, and so as we attempt to explain origins, we must stretch limits of words and meanings…

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