A guide to achieving our human potential.
Self Integration: Introduction To Basic Selves

Self Integration: Introduction To Basic Selves

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Achieving Human Potential: When we seek help for resolving troubles or for personal betterment, we often discover how to expand our human potential. We learn to tap inner resources that lie beyond our normal abilities. By expanding our capabilities, we gain insights and skills for solving problems. We also learn how to live more fulfilling and meaningful lives. This booklet presents part of the Self Integration system for assisting us to reach our human potential. Self Integration helps us discover and integrate the inner selves that provide, or block, access to the valuable inner resources we all have. Too often we get stuck in a state of powerlessness, too heavy with inertia to progress, instead of using our personal power to help ourselves grow. Through this training process, we learn how to transform ourselves.

Paperback 5.5" x 8.5"  70 Pages

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