Lesson #105 Meditation 1

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In This Lesson:

Meditation as Mediation

Negotiations for Lifting Human Consciousness

Soul's Investment in Personality

Soul Activation of Personality

Spiritual Mastery and Transformation


Cleansing the Astral Plane with Divine Fire

Judge Selves Sabotage Meditation

Value of Meditation

Inviting Judge Selves into Meditation

Judge Selves Aid Development of Second and Third Chakras

Blending of Male and Female Selves

Benefits of Drawing in the Light of the Maldekian Soul

Experience of Mind Being Silenced

Structured and Unstructured Meditation and the Inner Selves' Preferences

Soul Contact

Signs of Soul Illumination

Glamours as Distractions from Purification and Attunement

Importance of Repetition of Meditation Exercises

Pitfalls in Meditation

Illusion of Gap between Person and Higher Consciousness

Excessive Focus upon Detail

Creating Imbalances and Distracting Experiences


Vipasana Meditation

Personal Meditation Experience

Falling Asleep during Meditation

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