Lesson #107 - Meditation 3

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In This Lesson:

Purification of Chakras and Bodies

Assisting Purification Process

Assessing Need for Meditation

Gaining Permission for Meditation From Inner Selves

Encountering Resistance to Meditation

Dances of Universal Peace as Moving Meditation

Coherent Group Consciousness

Effects of Coherence on Chakras and Bodies

Soul Illumination

Group Coherence and Soul Manifestation

Tai Chi

Meditation Experience

Benefit of Ritual in Meditation

Lack of Communication Between Selves

Transcendental Meditation in Washington D.C.

Future Picture of Human and Devic Cooperation

Group Attunement to Teachers, Devas and Extra-Terrestrials

Angelic Assistance in Present Time

Dream Following Meditation

Empowerment of Judge Selves in Meditation Experience

Meditation Experience

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