Lesson #113 - Past Lives 1

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In This Lesson:

Simultaneous Lifetimes

Past Lives from Point of View of Outer Self

Organization of Consciousness

Soul's Purpose for Embodiment

The Soul Family

High Selves as Coordinators

Male and Female Selves

Judge Selves

Overview of Human Personality

Purpose of Basic Selves

Independent Development of Basic Selves

Joint Embodiment of Basic Selves

Integration of Male and Female Selves

Process of Enlightenment

Series of Lifetimes

Derivation of the Outer Self

Physical Body and Cellular Memory

Regrouping of Body Consciousness

Tracing Strands of Cellular Memory

Accessing Past Life Memories

Communication with Beings of Other Kingdoms

Accessing Egyptian and Atlantean Past Lives

Early Training in Use of Sound for Human Growth

Planetary Chakras

Monads Guiding the Group of Souls

Accessing Past Lives in Scotland

Biases of Outer Self in Past Life Recall

Gaining High Self Assistance in Past Life Recall

Past Lives with Son and Ex-Husband

Indian Past Life

Homework Assignment

Comments on Rain Storm and Flooding

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