Lesson #121 - The Christ 2

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In This Lesson:

How Do We Relate to The Christ?

Keeping a Safe Distancing

Who Fears Contact with Divinity?

Readying Ourselves for the Christ Force

Willingness to Unify Consciousness

Facing our Pain and Fear

Dissolving Illusion


Recognizing Divine Assistance

The Process of Merging with The Christ

Asking For and Receiving Assistance

Will the Process Be Peaceful?

Reports of Exercises

Facing Fears and Judgments

Purification Process

Acceptance and Unification

Passing through the Door

Experience of Light and Clarity

Seeking the Christ through Communion

Open, Receptive Contact with The Christ

Continuing Assignment

Experiencing Christ Energy As Feminine

Taoist Meditation as Neither Male Nor Female

Russia’s Role in the New World Religion

Practical Spirituality

The Media

Experience of Christ Contact

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