Lesson #130 - Personal Growth


In This Lesson:

Assessment of Personal Growth by Spiritual Hierarchy

Stimulation of Chakras by High Self

Soul Activation of the Personality

Effects of Soul Activation on the Chakras

Guidance of High Self and Soul

Signs of Preparation for Soul Illumination

Heart Chakra Opening

Symptoms of Resistance to Personal Growth 

Resistance of Body Consciousness

Resistances to Soul Illumination

Value of Meditation in Soul Illumination

Personal Growth and Planetary Growth

State of Personal Growth - Gertrude

Developing Mindfulness

State of Personal Growth - Helen

Creating Boundaries

Healing Work with Friend - Sharrill

Chakra Development - Sharrill

Report of Progress - Lois

Emotional Judge Self

Angelic Female Basic Self

Status of Personal Growth - Sandy

Emotional Judge Self

Progress Report - Robert

Solar Plexus Chakra

Resolving Fear with the Aid of the High Self

Heart Chakra and High Self Guidance

Life Purpose - Robert

Personal Growth - Georg

Connecting with High Self - Georg

Guided Imagery to Meet High Self

Transformation of Male Self - Robert

Report on Personal Growth - Francene

Harmonizing Judge Selves

Development of Brow Chakra

Ability of Precognition

Eighth to Twelfth Chakras

Development of Chakra System - Sher

Discovery of Astral Presences

Receiving Guidance from High Self

State of Personal Growth - Mary G.

Male and Female Selves

Judge Selves

Acts of Service


Progress of Chakra System

Progress with Inner Selves - Rose

Changes in Relationships

Progress Report - Mardel

Connection with Inner Selves - Now and Future

State of Personal Growth - Laura

Comments on the Coming Times

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