Lesson #159 - Spiritual Government


In This Lesson:

Definition of Spiritual Government

Path of Learning When Personality Seeks the Soul 

Soul Acts as Catalyst to Empower the Personality

Befriending Judge Selves

Ability to Draw in Radiance of Soul

Dispersing of Glamours and Illusions

Service to Other Life Forms

Gradual Transition to Soul-Based Government

Change in Concept of Leadership

Security Redefined

Earth Changes

Redistribution of Wealth

World Federation of Peoples

Reappearance of the Hierarchy

Soul Qualities

Soul Motives

Soul Inspired Leaders will Emerge

Redefinition of Human Needs and Rights

Humanity Joins Government of Solar System

Cleansing of Barriers between Personalities and Souls

Evolving Soul Contact

Using Consensus in Group Process

Consensus Offers Opportunity To Express Fears

Include Inner Selves in Decision-Making

Overcoming Negative Habits of Anger, Fear, and Hatred

Technique for Understanding your Enemy

Lack of Soul-Inspired Leaders in Government

Downturn of Economy in 1997 and 1998

Radiance of Love Expressed by Soul-Inspired People

President Clinton's Path

Possibility of Impeachment

Vice-President Gore

Breaking Down of the Repression of Information

Introducing Extraterrestrials to General Populace

Aligning with Soul Origins

Participation in Galactic Government

Gaining Freedom Through Soul Connection

Martial Law in the United States

Paying Taxes

Justice System Reform

Achieving Contact with the Soul

Contact High Self First

Experiential Exercise

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