Lesson #75 - The Family


In This Lesson:

The Biological Family

Acting Out Karmic Lessons of Subconscious Selves

Your Role in the Karma of the Subconscious Selves

Family Members as Teachers for Subconscious Selves

Family Experience as Opportunity for Spiritual Growth

Helping the Family

Evaluation of Families

Families in the Future

Countries as Families

Nations in the Future

Karma Connected with Particular Locations

Victim-Victimizer Cycle in the Family

Description of Father as Victimizer

Description of Father as Spirituality

Description of Partner as Controlling

Questions to Ask the High Self

Clearing Family Karma

A Completion of Family Karma with the Father

Clearing Family Karma Beyond Death

Sister with Controlling Mental Judge Self

The Use of Prayer


Adopted Mother with Attached Astral Judge Self

Competition with Father's Male Self

Approaching Subconscious Selves

Creativity from Mother


Meeting Your Spiritual Family

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