Lesson #90 - Planes of Existence


In This Lesson:

Recognizing Planes

Compatible Vibrations

How to Travel to Other Planes

Evolving through the Planes of Existence 

Value of Guided Tours

Graduation to Higher Planes

Golden Light of Grace

White Christ Light

Effect of Golden Light upon the Mental and Astral Planes

Golden and White Light and the Basic Selves

Effect of Light on the Judge Selves

Effect of Light upon Devas on Astral Plane

Effect of Light upon the Etheric Plane

Effect of Light upon Physical Plane

Fourth Plane Astral Experience following Birth

Fourth through Seventh Levels of Astral Plane

Journey to the Astral Plane in a Dream

Ask for Experiences of Higher Planes in Dreams

Experience with Aunt and Evening Grosbeak

Guided Tour of the Etheric Plane

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