212 General Questions 19

212 General Questions 19 & Tools

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General Questions 19
Preparing for Unification with Soul
Improved Etheric Perception
Waking from Sleep at Night
Preparing for Tooth Extraction
Ask Devas for Help in Fishing
Altruistic Intentions & Prosperity
Improving Ability to Channel Healing
Clarifying Intentions of Selves
Dreams: Bouncing Ball = Karmic Return
Truth Brings Clear Perception
Fatigue & Solar Flares
Monitor Talks with Astral Judge Aspects
Showing Love to Judge Selves
Manifesting a New Job
Help Female Self Expand Mental Body
Improve Relations with Body Self
Sinus Drainage & Deeper Cleansing
Apply CamphoDerm for Etheric Cleansing
Peter Levine’s Methods of Trauma Healing
Recognize Fear Behind Pride

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