213 Body Elementals & Devas

213 Body Elementals & Devas

Body Elementals & Devas
Three Day Apple Diet for Cleansing
Aryan Race’s Need for Mental Capability
Atlantis Located in Atlantic Ocean
Mental Judge Self Rigidity
Communication with Inner Selves
Toxicity Makes Breathing Difficult
Write Intentions of Inner Selves
Heaviness of Heart & Subconscious Grief
Body Self’s Reaction to Prayer
Physical Reflects Higher Bodies
Pain Produces Motivation to Grow
Resistant Intentions Incorporated in Bodies
Gift of Seeing into the Future
Sleeping on a Waterbed
Apport from Spiritual Family
Protocol for Using a Pendulum
Improving Self Communication
Faked Landings on the Moon
Core Beliefs & Financial Security
Deepen Perception by Glamour-Clearing
Body Self Acts like a Teenager
Body Self and Difficulty Sleeping

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