217 Body Devas in Healing

217 Body Devas in Healing

Body Devas in Healing
Appreciation for Group Service
Deception in the Personality
Closed Belief Systems
Judge Self Dynamics
End of Deception in the Personality
Prayer for Clearing Deception
Blind Spots in Selves
Yeshua Leads Us into Clarity
Preparation for Economic Changes
Wars and Terrorism More Likely
U.S. Bankruptcy Treaty of 1929
Prayers Manifest Divine Order
Attack on World Trade Center & Pentagon
Cover-Up of Facts Is Certain
Challenge for Americans
Conflict of Hidden World Powers
Join Reform Movements
U.S. Stock Market and Inflation
Martyrdom of Osama bin Laden
Anti-Christ Builds Power
Ways to Help: Prayer and Action
Prayer for All Mental Judge Selves
Financiers Delay Reforms
Effective Prayers and Its Benefits
Prayer: Response to Confrontation

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