223 Reform Strategies

223 Reform Strategies

Linkage with Archangel Gabriel
Report on Chakra Development
Developing Nonphysical Sight
Fragile U.S. Economy
Astral War Affects Astral Judge Selves
Progress in Personality Development
Inner Selves Help in Higher Planes
Attitude of Resignation
Challenge of the First Ray of Divinity
Rays of Divinity & Archetypes
Help Upset Astral Judge & Body Selves
9/11 Damage to Pentagon
Osama bin Laden in Hiding
Relationship of Yeshua and Thomas
News about “Shadow”Government
Underground Facilities for Congress
Pray for Protection of Colin Powell
Warning from Theodore Roosevelt
Thoughts as Mental Substance
Healing a Rash of Detoxification
Slowing Hair Loss with Pine Tar Shampoo
Cayenne Pepper for Clearing Blood
Write Stresses of Subconscious Selves
Astral Judge Misplaced Purse
Loss of Rapport with Inner Selves
Visualization of Merging Symbols
High Self Prepares Another Job
Vipasana Meditation
How Does This Person Manifest Soul?

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