234 General Questions 30

234 General Questions 30 & Tools

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General Questions 30
Atkins Diet: Need to Customize
Avenues of Service
Dissent in Homeland Security
Dealing with Distraction
Sensing Presence
Protection for Jet Plane Travel
Contacting an Air Deva
Food Sensitivities: Cause & Treatment
Restructuring Healthcare System
Update about the Monitor Group
Coping with Collective Agitation
Peace: More Dream than Practical
Small Pox Vaccination
Chakra System Development
Americans Harmed by Shadow Govt
Preventing & Treating Small Pox
Illnesses from Lunar Forces
Healing Knee Cartilage
Photo of Astral Temple
Orgone Generators & Chemtrails
“Dor” as Etheric Force Imbalance
Organ Transplants & Souls
Hold Mind Steady in the Light
Explore Varieties of Prayer

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