235 Seven Rays, Seven Selves

235 Seven Rays, Seven Selves

Seven Rays, Seven Selves
Warmth at Crown Chakra
Benefits of Screaming
Attitudes as Past Creations
High Selves Assist Many
Vowels to Assist Elementals & Devas
Astral Judge Self Learning Lessons
Affirmation for Guidance
Neutralizing Acids with Alka-Thyme
Flax Seed & Elm Water for Bowels
Sovereign Society
Monetary Inflation & Economic Decline
President Bush Guided by Financiers
Battles Behind the World Scene
Masonic Order & Its Influence
9-11 Investors Go Unpunished
Continuing Nazi Influence
Anti-Christ Versus Financiers
Colin Powell and Financiers
Saddam Hussein as Shadow Projection
Attack on Iraq & Government Reform
Body Reactions to Opening Chakras
Eat Vegetables for Vitamins & Minerals
What “Amen” Represents
Clarify Personal Position on War
Grace Versus Reptilian Reactions

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