243 Rays and Soul

243 Rays and Soul

Rays and Soul
Nag Hammadi Texts about Yeshua
Essenes and White Brotherhood
Equal Status of Essene Sexes
Yeshua as Bringer of Cosmic Fire
Resistance of Mental Judge Self
Meditation for Etheric Perception
Creation of Human Beings
Creation of Earth and Universe
Exposure to Soul
Spiritual Growth in Relationships
Effects of Healing Orbs
Soul In-Breath and Out-Breath
Opportunities in Confrontations
Outer Self’s Search for God
President Bush’s Vulnerability
Mars: Mastery over Conflict
Sri Aurobindo’s Teachings
Nearing Contact with Soul
Condaleeza Rice’s Role
Building Capacity in Chakras and Bodies
Prevention of Colds and Flu
Prayer of Blessing for School
Selves Expressing Soul Intentions
U.S. Occupation of Iraq

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