244 General Questions 35

244 General Questions 35 & Tools

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General Questions 35
Liberating Negative Thoughts
Theme for 2004: Synthesis
Process of Inner Discovery
Mother’s Surgery: Connect with Source
Tingling Sensation on Head
Regeneration of Physical Body
Seek High Self Imagery
Harmonious Intentions of Selves
Yellowstone Volcanic Activity
Weather Extremes Continue
Disembodied Person Impact
Gender Aspects of Mental Judge Self
Reaction: “I Am Going Home!”
Somatic Selves Focus in Etheric
Increase in Physical Deaths
Grace Overcomes Armageddon
China, Russia & Anti-Christ
Destabilization of Saudi Government
Promote U.S. Government Reform
John Kennedy Assassination
Power of the U.S. Presidency
The End of an Age of Growth

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