246 General Questions 36

246 General Questions 36 & Tools

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General Questions 36
Preparing for Planetary Initiation
United States Economy
Guerrilla Warfare Attacks in U.S
Mental Body Conditions
Expressing Forgiveness
Soul Presents Androgynous Force
Mirror Relationships
Experiencing Divinity
Autonomic Nervous System Reaction
Self Integration Coaching
Mother Prepares for Transition
Follow Your Heart’s Guidance
Gastro-intestinal Inflammation
Sensitivity to Cold
Hearing Voices of Inner Selves
Hearing Spiritual Family
Channeled Misinformation
Male Selves Slow Divorce
Financial Security in Troubled Times
Regeneration Process
Difficulty in Channeling
Body Devas & Elementals
Need for Election Reforms
Experiencing Heat during Sleep
Nightly Prayers for Grace

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