245 Initiation

245 Initiation

Growth of All within This Planet
Bush Creates a Multitude of Enemies
Scientific Theories to Consider
Linking Matter to Consciousness
Parallel Universes
Point of Light in Heart Chakra
Invest in Gold and Silver Coins
Senses Function in Etheric Body
Soul Family Dynamics
Book: The Da Vinci Code
Search for the Holy Grail
Armageddon Financier Group
U.S. Economy Remains Fragile
Anti-Christ and Saddam Hussein
Considerations for Channeling
Throat Chakra Development
Fiji Cannibalism and Curses
Past Life Experience in Brisbane
Great Barrier Reef
Ayers Rock and Aborigines
Healing Eyesight Deterioration
Follow-up Regimen from John of God
Refine Intentions into Altruism
Allow Anger & Self-Hatred to Express

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