Lesson #100 - Sound As Healer


In This Lesson:

Sound as Creator and Destroyer of Form

Sound in the Seven Planes

Manifesting Harmony of Sound in the Seven Planes

Receiving Sounds from the High Self for Healing

Avoiding Negative Karma with Sound

Chakra-Generated Sounds

Attunement Within and Without

Acceleration in Vibration of Four Lower Planes

Reactions to Vibratory Change

Resistance to Intensified Vibration

How Does Outer Self Send Healing Light?

Use of Sound in Healing Tissue Trauma

A Waking Dream

Pachelbel Canon in D

Recognizing "Spiritual" Music

Finding Appropriate Music for Individual Needs


Internal Sound

Using the Sound "Ra"

Frustrated Musical Selves

Discovering Non-Physical Sounds

Sounds in Out-of-Body Experiences

Measuring Etheric Sounds

Experiential Exercise of Healing Sound

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