Lesson #101 - Sound As Healer / Vibrations

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In This Lesson:

Vibratory Configurations

Spiritual Growth as Process of Simplifying Vibrations

Sensory Biases

Acoustical and Electromagnetic Frequencies

Experiencing All Vibration as Sound

Sounds Generated by the High Self

Observing Reactions of Sound on Various Bodies

Effect of Sound upon Chakras

The Living Word

Hearing the Music of the Spheres

Sounds on the Various Planes

Pollution of the Etheric Plane

Reactions to Increased Frequencies of the Planet

Vibratory Preferences of Basic Selves

Shifting from Physical to Etheric Frequencies

Clearing Fear of Frequency Acceleration

Communication with the Devic Kingdom

Translation of Physical to Etheric Form

Vibratory Patterns of Nature

Steps in Learning Human-Devic Communication

Drumming and Chanting

Attunement of Mental Bodies of Basic Selves

Creative Experience with Sounds and Healing

Astral Judge Blocking Sounds

Use and Misuse of the Sound "Ram"

Use of Ultrasound in Healing

Navajo Illness


Effect of Sound and Verbal Exchanges for Males and Females

Impact of Sound upon Female Body

Impact of Sound upon Male Body

Male Female Dynamic

Using Egyptian Music for Healing

Use of the Sound "M"

Use of the Sound "E"


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