Lesson #103 - Prayer 1

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In This Lesson:

Homework Assignment

Sending Love and Compassion to an Enemy

Chanting as Form of Healing in the Four Corners Area

Illness in the Four Corners Area


Generosity and Karma

Aligning Lower and Higher Wills

Differences Between Meditation and Prayer


Praying for the Highest Good

Common Error in Prayer

Use of Prayer in Catastrophic Situations

Spiritual Hierarchy's Part in Planetary Restructuring

Devic Reaction to Destruction of Nature

Change of Order Accelerating for Humans and Devas

Integration of Darker Aspects of the Personality

Praying for Personal Illumination

Benefiting all of Life

The Power of Love

Assistance from Devic, Elemental and Outerspacial Beings

Who Responds to Prayer?

Learn How Your Inner Selves Pray

Assisting Inner Judges in Clearing Past Traumas

Resistant Inner Selves Seek Protection in Maya

Calling upon Physical Resources for Assistance

Relying upon Self for Assistance

Communication between Spirit and Form

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