Lesson #104 - Prayer 2

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In This Lesson:

Praying for Assistance

Prayer as Manifestation of Soul

Black Magic

White Magic

Manifestation of Desires

Aligning Personality with Soul

Importance of Subconscious Selves in Soul Contact


Elimination of Fear

Prayer and Stages of Development

Prayer in Times of Chaos

Value of Spoken Prayer

Non-Verbal Communication on Higher Planes

Instantaneous Healing

Placing Names in Prayer Basket

Developing Intention

The Devic Kingdom

Group Prayer

Use of Sound or Visualization in Healing

Speaking in Tongues

Praying for Predictable Connection with the High Self

Difference between Prayer, Wishful Thinking and Desire

Effects of the Lord's Prayer on the Chakra System

Prayers to be Introduced by the Hierarchy

Prayer and Karma

Essential Elements in Prayer

Experiential Exercise

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