Lesson #110 - Remedies 2

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In This Lesson:

Cough Remedy

Self-Applied Health Enhancement Method

Relaxation Exercise for Insomnia

Hydrotherapy in the Shower

Interaction of the Five Bodies of a Human Being

Programming Water through the Five Bodies

Identifying and then Detaching from Emotional States

Lack of Oil and Moisture in Eyes and Skin

Healing Liver Condition

Castor Oil Pack and Jonathan Apples

Peanut Oil and Massage for Unclogging Capillaries

Healing of Congested Emotions


The Inbreath

The Outbreath

Rhythmic Breathing

Slow Breathing

Practical Breathing Practice for Calming Fear

Breathing Impure Air

Cleansing Lungs and Bloodstream of Pollution

Clearing Bronchials through Phlegm and Lymphatic System

Cleansing Toxins in Bloodstream by Assisting Liver and Kidneys

Assisting Body Consciousness with Visualization

Second-Hand Smoke


Effects of Sugar on the Body

Migraine Headaches

Violet Ray Appliance

Releasing Pent up Emotions


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