Lesson #111 - Remedies 3

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In This Lesson:

Vibratory Healing as a Remedy

Programming Bath Water

Allowing High Self to Determine Specific Need

Purifying Water in Emergency Situations

Experience with Dissolving Glamours

Experience with Relaxation Exercise

Experience with Clearing Migraines

Judge Selves Dispensing Karma, Guilt & Shame

Alice Bailey and Pairs of Opposites

Value of Perception of Opposites in Developing Discernment

Synthesis of Opposites

Working on Cleansing the Liver

Minerals as a Remedy

Copper as a Remedy

Use of Metals, Stones and Jewels

Being on Purpose

Abnormal Growth of Nails

Hair Analysis

Hot Toddy

The Cold

Assisting the Liver and Kidneys



Painful Bones and Joints

Canker Sores


DMSO and Laetrile

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