Lesson #115 - Past Lives 3

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In This Lesson:

Encoding of Experiences

The Nature of Time

Three Levels of Mind

Conscious Mind

Short-Term Memory

Accessing Past or Future Lifetimes through Subconscious Selves

Outer Self's Role in Healing of Subconscious Selves

Personality Groups Operating on Various Planes

Black Magicians as Involutionary Influence

Group Consciousness

Resistance to Group Consciousness by Subconscious Selves

Memories of Great Wisdom and Torture

Responsiveness to Music

Dream Experience

Simultaneous Lifetimes

Children and Past Lives

Family Interactions of the Future

Investigating Mother's Death

Experience with Great-Grandchild

Experiential Exercise in Past Life Recall

Past Life Recall

Memory Pools

Sources of Channeled Information

Troubled Relationships and Past Lives


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