Lesson #114 - Past Lives 2

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In This Lesson:

Monitor's View of Us

Personality on the Physical Plane

Experiences Outside of Time/Space

Purpose of Past Life Recall

Patterns of Future Lifetimes in Present Lifetime

Cultural Experiences of Time

Teamwork of Selves in Exploring Past Lives

Existence of Subconscious Selves in Higher Planes

Domination of Personality by Basic Selves

Time Spent on Various Planes by Subconscious Selves


Clarification of 97% Time Spent on Other Planes

Obsession of Female Self

Why is Physical Embodiment Necessary for Liberation?

Impact of Future Lifetimes and Liberation on Present Lifetime

Infusion of Shared Experiences

Importance of Judge Selves in Shared Experiences

Need for Choosing Liberation

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