Lesson #117 - Judge Selves 2

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In This Lesson:


Monitor Offers Assistance to Judge Selves

Homework Assignment on Frustration of Judge Selves

Results of Homework Assignment

Origin of the Soul

Enter a Solar System

Solar System Sol, and the Maldek Experience

Maldekian Souls on Earth

How Human Beings May Assist

Relationship between Souls of Judges and Basic Selves

Taoist Meditation and the Judge Selves


Judges’ Role in World Politics

Need for Governmental Reform

The Judges and Mental Illness

Development of Normal Personality


Healing the Fragmented Personality

Confronting the Mental Judge Self

Multiple Personality Disorder

Mental Judge Self Developing Trust

Mental Judge Self Gaining Contact with High Self

Dissolving Glamours

Description of Fragmented Basic Selves on MPD’s

Description of a Destructive Pattern between Judge Selves

Assisting Judge Selves

Dialogue with Judge Selves

Value of Service for Judge Selves

Fear Experienced by Basic Selves

The Halo Effect

Releasing Fear in the Judge Selves

Do Maldekians Reincarnate?

Homework Assignment

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