Lesson #118 - Judge Selves 3

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In This Lesson:

Importance of Meeting Needs of Judge Selves

Unembodied Maldekian Beings on the Astral Plane

Rescuing Judge Selves on the Astral Plane

Future Evolution of Planetary Being

Remembrances of Maldek

Memories of Previous Visit to Planet through Hypnosis

Difficulty with Computer File of Judge Self Dialogue

Opening and Dissipating of Fear Shells

Presentation of Judges in Reptilian Images

History of Maldekians

Maldekian Experiment

Introduction of Draconians

Immigration to Earth of Maldekians and Draconians

Introduction of Draconians to Judge Selves

Lucifer and the Fallen Angels

Dealing with Conflict between Judge Selves of Two People

Swollen Lymph Node

Experiencing Judge Attack in Counseling Sessions

Draconian Freezing Response

Taoist Meditation as Nurturing to the Judge Selves

Experience with Judge Selves

Experiences of Exercise

Homework Assignment

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