Lesson #138 - Female Self


In This Lesson:

Opening the Doors of Love

Need for Love

Lessons of Power

Challenge of Fear

Creation of Form

Sensitivity and Energetic Boundaries

Internal and External Love Sources

Illusion and Glamour

Victimization and Rescue Illusion


Love as the Key

Assisting the Male Self with Lessons of Love and Power

Androgynous Consciousness

Evolution of Planetary Being

Need for External Love vs. Self-Sufficiency


Relationships in the Next Century

Female Born into a Male-Dominated Family

A Mother's Opportunity

Woman in Family of Women

Integration of Love and Power through Wisdom

Communication of Female Self with Outer Self

Communication through Emotion

Communication through Physical Sensation

Communication through Physical Obstacles & Illness

Love Addiction

Female Need to Be Heard

Female Focus on Relationships

Male Focus on Action

Benefit of Interweaving of Male and Female Needs

How Can the Female Self Help the Male Self

Homework Assignment

Concluding Remarks

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