Lesson #139 - Male Self


In This Lesson:

The Path Of Power

Mental Focus of Masculine Energy

Learning Motive through Action

Lessons of Power for Male Self

Native Wisdom in Early Lifetimes


Motives, Actions and Consequences

Female Awareness of Own Being

Discerning Astral Emotions from Causal Love

Discerning Mental Ideas from Causal Ideals

Intellect vs. Intuition

Discovering Astral Existence

Male and Female Modes of Problem Resolution

Relationships and Group Consciousness

Pain as Stimulus for Learning

Creative vs. Destructive Motives

Unconditional Love


Discovering and Radiating Love

Effect of Women's Male Basic Selves on Relationships

Male Self to Male Self Relationships

Spousal Abuse

Expression of Anger

Bondage and Freedom

Split Aspects of Female Selves

The Highly Developed Male Self

Merging into Androgynous Consciousness

The Primitive Male Self

Internal Dialogue to Clear Emotional Residues

Glamour and Illusion Clearing

Brain Hemisphere Coordination

Body Location of Thoughts

Effect of Curse Words on Consciousness


Homework Assignment of Drawing

Value of Self Integration Work

Soul Illumination and Activation

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