Lesson #141 - Mental Judge Self


In This Lesson:


Trauma of Maldek

Refugees in Earth

Need for Healing

Abilities of Mental MaldekiansĀ 

Maldekians as the Shadow Self

Creating Suffering

Recognizing the Mental Judge Self

Effect upon Basic Selves

Male Self Reaction as Counter-Attack

Female Self Reaction as Love

Outer Self Communication with Judge Self

Deliberate Revealing of Mental Judge Selves

Offer of Friendship

Mental Judge's Responses to Friendly Acts

Transformation of Mental Judge

Life Changes for Personality

Planetary Effect of Transformation of Judge Selves

Worldwide Transformation

Linkage with Devic Kingdom

Response of Mental Judge to Music

Music and Dance from Mental Plane of Maldek

Are There Personalities Without Judge Selves?

Spiritual Mastery/Freedom of Judge Selves

Unengaged Maldekian Beings

Judge Selves and Violence

Clarification about Judge Selves

Assistance by Mental Judge Selves

Did Jesus Have Judge Selves?

Integration of Mental and Astral Judge Selves

The Maldekian Personality

Creation of Astral Maldekians

Disruption of Maldek

Maldekians Transported to Earth

Homework Exercise

Explore the Shadow Side

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