Lesson #142 - Astral Judge Self


In This Lesson:

Expression of the Astral Judge Self through History 

Becoming Acquainted with the Astral Judge Self

Suppression by Mental Judge Self

Fear of Rejection by Other Selves

Expression in Performances and Rituals

Distinguishing Between Mental and Astral Judge Selves

Transformation of Astral Judge Self

Gaining Aid of Mental Judge Self

Mental Judge’s Karmic Obligation to Astral Judge

Astral Judge Self as Impulsive Child

Distraction by Astral Force

Achieving Mental Focus

Hell and Limbo

Hierarchy’s Plan to Assist Astral Maldekians

Restoration of Maldek

Age of First Manifestation of Astral Judge

Movement of Astral Judges through the Astral Plane

Entertainment Media and Astral Judges

Astral Development of Basic Selves

Need for Linkage with Mental Judge Self

Communication with Astral Judge Self

Dramatization and Artistic Expression

Daily Communication

Divine Fire on the Astral Plane

The Inner Child

Dreams and Astral Judge Self


Do People Exist Without Ego?

Sub-Selves of Astral Judge Self

Sub-Selves of Basic Selves

Multiple Personality Disorder and Possession

Closing Comments

Homework Assignment

Recognizing Astral Judge Dynamics

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