Lesson #143 - Judge Self Dynamics


In This Lesson:


Judge Selves' Reaction to Enlightenment

Understanding the Position of a Judge Self

Retreat to Lower Chakras

Retreat to Least Illuminated Part of Bodies

Retaliation of Judge Selves against Personality

Value of Communication

Good Will

Disruption of Health and Emotional Well-Being

Reaction to Offer of Friendship

Resolution as Evolution

Judge Selves in History

Judge Selves and Litigation

Golden Light of Grace

Experience in Peru Reduced Fears

Scorpion as Symbol of Judge Self

Multiple Sclerosis and Judge Selves

Rebellion of Judge Selves

Spiritual Chasm Experience

Self Integration As A Tool

Mental Energy Attack in Workplace


How Can Befriended Judge Selves Assist Us?

Qualities of Cooperative Judge Self in Personality

Cyclical Emergence of Judge Selves

Accepting the Grief of the Judge Selves

Artistic Expression of Judge Selves’ Grief

Connecting with Higher Consciousness

The Deva Substance

Waco Incident

Homework/Artistic Expression

Closing Comments

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