Lesson #151 - Protection


In This Lesson:

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Exercise to Contact High Self for Protection

Protection As Personal Awareness, Discernment, Connection

& Manifested Love

Protection For Food & Water During Earth Changes

Low Self-Esteem

Resolution of Unwise Choices and Cleansing

Protection for Groups

Protection for Inner Selves

Protection During Healing Work

Asking for Protection of Others

Protection During and After Important Events

Asking for Protection throughout A Process

Spiritual Family Assists

Discernment in Relationships

Effect of One's Fear Upon Others

Protection Through Invoking the Law of Grace

Protection from Extraterrestrials

Master Thought Forms

Mental Masqueraders & Mental Judge Selves

Astral Masqueraders

Remedies For Etheric Parasites

Etheric Parasites Have Physical Plane Equivalents

Protection Through Raising Etheric Vibratory Force

Black Magicians

True Humility

Illusions Create Need for Catastrophes

Mental Protection

Realization of Soul Purpose Develops Causal Body

Protection As Connection with High Self

Protection As Alignment of Personality with Soul Purpose

Soul Considerations and Needs Are Primary

Personality As Projection of Soul

Awareness of Risk

Spiritual Hierarchy Accelerates Karmic Instruction

Risk From Unrecognized Threats

Fear Causes Misperceptions


Harm to Astral Bodies

Illusions Fragment Mental Bodies

Harm in the Causal Plane

Black Magicians in the Mental Plane

Harm in the Mental Plane

Harm in the Astral Plane

Harm From Parasites in the Etheric Plane

Harm in the Etheric Plane

Risk and Threat in the Etheric Plane

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