Lesson #153 - Unusual Events


In This Lesson:

Entering the Real World

Beginning A New Cycle

Fear of Death



Frame of Reference

Freedom of Being

Belief in Maya

Appearances of Jesus

Images of Faith

Projecting Messages and Images to Populace

Instrumental Trans-Communication

Helping in the Dying Process

Beimg Utilized as Channel for Healing

Appearance of Monk Friends

Visionary Dream

Remembrances of Places

Golden Ball of Light

Humming Sound

"Goat Suckers"

Thought Transmission from High Self

Levitation Dream

Visits from Members of Spiritual Family

An Etheric Perception

Spiritual Family Visits Astral House

Energetic Infusions from High Self

Playmate "Folly"

Dreams Involving Our Spiritual Family

Presence of Purple Lights

Training for Negotiating Astral Plane

Overcoming Fear of Swimming

Meditation on Creativity

Lifting the Veil of Maya

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