Lesson #161 - Lessons of Love


In This Lesson:

Lessons of Love

Path of the Personality

Definition of Love

Solar Logos Expresses Love

Facing Opportunity To Live with Motive of Love

Transformative Power of Love in Healing

Separation from Love Leads to Disease

Love Finds A Means of Expression

All True Healing Is Based on Love

Love Penetrates the Densest Shell of Fear

Asking for Acceptance of Love

Forgiveness in Healing

Forgiveness Involves Giving and Receiving Love

Acceptance in Giving and Receiving Love

Seeing Traumas Through Eyes of Love

Love and Power

Unwise Use of Power Brings Suffering 

Power without Motive of Love Brings Karmic Return

Expressing Power with Motive of Love in Ever-Increasing Spheres

Aiding Inner Selves in Expressing Love through Power

Becoming A Willing Partner with Soul

Different Kinds of Love

Brother and Sister Love

Romantic Love

Parental Love

Sacrificial Love

Asking for Action of Grace

Characteristics of Other Solar Logoi

Angelic, Outerspacial, Devic, and Elemental Expressions of Love


Devic Expression of Love

Outerspacial Love

Angelic Love

Love Brings Synthesis

Doctor-Assisted Suicides

Seeing Life and Death As One Continuous Path

Conclusion and Experiential Exercise

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