Lesson #77 - Healing


In This Lesson:

The Effect of Earth Changes on Health Care

Healing Guidelines

Alignment of Vibratory Patterns

Radiating Health by Presence

Healing of the Planetary Being

Healing Inside and Outside the Body

Radiating Health to Assist the Planetary Being

Leaving the Physical Plane as Part of the Cleansing

Healing the Anger and Fear of the Mental Judge Self

Releasing Contained Fears and Repressed Anger

Fearful Astral Judge Self

Letting Go, and Letting God

Identifying Fears of the Selves

Anatomy of Fear

Cleansing of Past Fears

Healing the Female Self through Mental Judge Self

Meeting the Mental Judge Self

Healing Childhood Traumas through Judge Selves

Identifying Fearful Self

Tracking Fears to Past Lives

Gaining Trust from Mental Judge Self

Summation of Previous Discussions

Judge Imposed Homeostasis

Healing as Disruption of Homeostasis

Homework Answers Come as Symbols

Chronic Neck Problem and the Mental Judge Self

Out of Joint Toe

Homework Regarding Planetary Healing

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