Lesson #78 - Healing


In This Lesson:

Healing as Simplification of Vibrations

The Role of Individuals in Planetary Healing

Planetary Changes with Enlightenment

Uses of Castor Oil

Definition of "Planes of Substance"

Dosage of Castor Oil

Use of Camphor in Healing

The Action of Castor Oil on Cells

Application of Camphor

Sound, Voice and Color in Healing

Etheric Pollution

Sound in Healing

Healing in a Natural Environment

Color Healing

Sound and Color Healing Devices

Healing the Foot with Colors


Transmitting Love by Touch

Blockages to Love in Body Consciousness

Learning to Have Faith in Communications

Incoordination Caused by Struggle of Subconscious Selves

Reports on Last Week's Assignment

Assisting in Planet Healing

Healing Hunger

Inviting Judge Selves to Dances of Universal Peace

Healing for Astral Judge Self

Using Sound to Open Blockages

Erasing Guilt and Shame

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