Lesson #112 - Remedies 4

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In This Lesson:

Changes in Planetary Energy Requirements

Transmitting Higher Vibratory Forces

Remedy for Night Coughing

The Body Consciousness as Healer

Value of Using Locally Grown Herbs

Eating Foods of One Color

Sciatic Pain - Origin and Treatment

Acidic Condition in Body

Healing Acidic Condition

Healing on the Emotional Level

Chest Pain

Causes of Pain

Treatment for Inflammation and Pain

Alzheimer's Disease

Three Causes of Alzheimer's

Assistance on Physical Level

Spirit and Mind Considerations

Treatment using Light

Karmic Purpose of Alzheimer's

Treatments for AIDS

Castor Oil Packs

Light Treatment for AIDS

Emotional Release Assists Liver

Healing through Connection with Higher Consciousness

Cleansing and Tonifying Liver with Olive Oil 

Light Treatment


Disturbances of the Etheric Body

Etheric Parasites

Camphor to Drive Away Etheric Parasites

Dream Analysis

Effects of Gold and Silver outside the Dream

Assisting Aging Mother with Golden Light of Grace

Conclusion of Remedies Topic

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