Lesson #119 - Judge Selves 4

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In This Lesson:

Becoming Friends with your Judge Selves

Experiencing the Fears of the Judge Selves

Including the Judge Selves in Planning and Goals

Including Judge Selves in Spiritual Practice

Two-Way Sharing with Between Judges and Outer Selves

Guidelines for Working with the Judge Selves of Others

Gaining Assistance from High Self as Preparation

Introducing the Mental Judge Self

Introduction Methods

Cases Inappropriate for Judge Self Work

Introducing the Golden Light of Grace

Psychic Attack by Mental Judge

Mental Defense Measures

Asking Assistance of High Self for Protection

Attack by Astral Judge Self

Stopping Attack with Golden Light

Experiences with Judges in the Past

Recommendations on Working with Judge Selves and Music

Self-Integration Night Recommendation

Description of Near Accident

Forays into Astral Judge Self’s Past

Astral Judge’s Memories of Maldek

Description of Destruction of Maldek

Creation of Clans

Astral Judges’ Fear of Draconians

Homework Assignment - Favorite locations of Judges

The Guard

Communication between Judges

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